Going Green

So Al Gore may not have been 100% correct, but after hearing someone recently going off about the subject, I ask this. What is wrong with going green? What is wrong with being a good steward of planet Earth? Using less fossil fuels and making less waste, why is that wrong? How about we all keep trying to make things better so that our children have a world worth living in when they are old?
Buy that eco-friendly car, car-pool with friends, recycle, buy eco-friendly products, seriously what do we have to lose?

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Adamly Advice

A bit of advice on making it through life and how we deal with daily situations.
Hopefully adding new posts biweekly. Take it for what it’s worth but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out for you.

Adamly Advice #1 – Walk with a purpose. Don’t stroll or saunter, walk towards something as if you have something to get done. Get there and get it done.

Adamly Advice #2 – You will have time to sleep when you are dead!
Don’t waste time, don’t put things off, go out and do it, get it done and relax when you reach the top. Sleep is overrated and most successful people have learned to push even harder at those times of immense tiredness.

Adamly Advice #3 – Long term planning. Look towards the future not just tomorrow. Make a plan, write it down and work towards the goal. Be Proactive not Reactive, plan for the future and make adjustments where needed. Not everything works out to plan, but its better to have a plan than to wander through life without direction.

Adamly Advice #4 – 24 hours in a day. Manage your time wisely, there are only 24 hours in a day, 8 of which we are hopefully sleeping, 1 we are eating, 2 we are driving, so what are you doing with the other 13 hours in the day? Ask yourself this question and see if you are using it wisely. What have you achieved today?

Adamly Advice #5 – Early is on-time, on-time is Late and Late is Fired.

Adamly Advice #6 – You get out what you put in….Are you going above and beyond or doing the bare minimum. Are you doing the bare minimum and expecting results like those who go above and beyond? You want exceptional results? Then you need to be going above and beyond what is expected.

Adamly Advice #7 – Life is short! Be happy for the positives and let the negatives roll off your back. You will be happier and live a longer life.

Adamly Advice #8 – Winners never quit and quitters never win

Adamly Advice #9 – Show up. And if you can’t show up, call someone to let them know you won’t be where you are supposed to be. Its common courtesy to do this.

Adamly Advice #10 – If you wanted an apple, paid for the apple and took a bite of the apple, why wouldn’t you finish eating the apple? Don’t take that bite and then throw it all away, take advantage of what you bought and eat it down to the core. Take things in life for everything you can, don’t sell yourself short.

Adamly Advice #11
Event + Response = Outcome
You can not change an event from happening, so the only way to change the outcome is to change your response. Take a look at how you react and see if that is something you can change. The outcomes may be better.

Adamly Advice #12
Do what you say and say what you mean
Nothing is worse than some who’s word means nothing. If you are going say you are going to do something, then do it. If you say something make sure you mean it. Someone’s word is valuable if it is always delivered on.

Adamly Advice #13
Do not listen when negative people say negative things about you. They don’t know what it takes to live your life or the things you have to do to make ends meet. Be happy with yourself and in the end, you will be happy.

Adamly Advice #14
If you fear the person working for you will take your job, then your real worry should be that you are not doing enough to keep your job.

Adamly Advice #15
Be careful of people who talk behind your back and act nice to you in person. They obviously are more interested in your life then their own.

Adamly Advice #16
Imperfections make us human. Imperfections make us unique. Imperfections make us who we are. Take time to recognize that you are unique and those imperfections are not imperfections at all.

stay tuned for more………..

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The Light Bulb Challenge

So you think that $50 LED light bulb is expensive? Let’s look at the numbers

Incandescent has a life span of about 1,200 hours using 60 watts of power, this will yield an operating cost of $328.59/year

CFL’s life span is 8,000 hours using 13-15 watts of power, this will yield an operating cost of $78.65/year

Now the LED bulb has a life span of 50,000 hours using 6-8 watts of power, this will yield an operating cost of only $32.85/year.

So do the numbers lie? Is that upfront cost really cheaper than a $329 incandescent?

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