Musuem Exterior 3d Rendering
Retail Business Building
Church Exterior Rendering
Childcare Facility Addition
3d Sci-Fi Satellite Dish
3d renderings require modeling (either provided by the client or completed by Studio Render Inc.), the
application of textures to the model, lighting of the scene and setting up camera views.
These projects can be done in varying levels of detail and cost will rise as the level of detail rises.
massing model is a very simple, exterior-only type of architectural 3D model, used to study the
essence of the overall 3D form and proportions of an architectural design.  

spatial model is an architectural 3D model with an intermediate level of detail, usually including      
some of both the interior and exterior of the structure. The spatial model may not be fully realistic,      
but it usually allows exterior walk-throughs.

detailed model is a relatively complete interior/exterior architectural 3D model, used to view an
architectural design relatively realistically. A detailed model often includes material textures, and
even details like furniture and major ornamental elements.
Resturant Expansion Project
The goal of a 3d rendering is to give your viewer an idea of what you are thinking, set in a realistic
atmosphere.  When viewing an image like this, there should be recognizable real world items that give
a feeling of actual scale and what a person might perceive if the model actually existed.
Rendering converts a model into an image either by simulating light transport to get photorealistic
images, or by applying some kind of style as in non-photorealistic rendering. The two basic
operations in realistic rendering are transport (how much light gets from one place to another) and
scattering (how surfaces interact with light). This step is usually performed using 3D computer
graphics software or a 3D graphics API. The process of altering the scene into a suitable form for
rendering also involves 3D projection which allows a three-dimensional image to be viewed in two
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