These images are the result of applying textures to a model and rendering them in a
realistic setting using camera views, lighting, reflections and shadows.

The goal of a
3d rendering is to give your viewer an idea of what you are thinking, set in
a realistic atmosphere.  When viewing an image like this, there should be recognizable
real world items that give a feeling of actual scale and what a person might perceive if
the model actually existed.  Per example, if you placed
bamboo shades in the model, it
would resemble what it truly looks like.
3d renderings require modeling (either provided by the client or completed by Studio
Render Inc.), the applying of textures to the model, lighting of the scene and setting up
camera views.  These projects can be done in varying levels of detail and realism.
The process of creating 3D computer graphics can be sequentially divided into three
basic phases: 3D modeling which describes the process of forming the shape of an
object, layout and animation which describes the motion and placement of objects
within a scene, and 3D rendering which produces an image of an object.
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